Movie review: AE Apocalypse Earth

Quite watchable for a low budget sci fi movie.

I can’t review this movie without referencing this unforgettable quote from Jack’s Bad Movies:

If Predator, Star Trek TNG, Planet of the Apes, and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor had a love child abomination, it would be AE: Apocalypse Earth.

Another film from The Asylum studios, AE Apocalypse Earth doesn’t feature any big name actors, but all concerned are acting their hearts out. A good portion of the film’s tiny budget must have been spent on body paint for some of the alien actors, and the scenery is nice to watch. The body count is huge, and the most annoying characters get their just desserts.

Costa Rican model; Bali Rodriguez

You can watch AE Apocalypse Earth as part of SBS’s free on-demand 600 Movies of Summer.

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